The Advanced Tests: Motorcycle and Scooter

Why take the test? - Why should you be interested?
You realise that road and traffic conditions are becoming increasingly complex, and machines and riding requirements are constantly changing. Being a good rider means that you never stop learning. Becoming a better rider involves reviewing and adapting your skills to keep pace with change and ensuring that you get the best out of your bike rather than letting it get the better of you!

Enjoying your riding

You should consider taking the test for all sorts of solid reasons:

Improving your riding skills and becoming an advanced rider will not only make you safer but you'll find that you get more enjoyment when out riding.
Passing the RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders test will prove and grade your skill, placing you among the best riders in the country.

Do you have the ability?

The simple answer is yes. You will need to know and follow the guidance in the current issues of Motorcycle Roadcraft and The Highway Code. However, you will be unwise to apply for the advanced test unless you have had some additional training. We have a national network of local groups that have trained and experienced tutors willing, free of charge, to offer you assessments, advice and support to prepare you for the test. The group will also provide you with the opportunity to meet other advanced riders and to take part in its social activities.

We also have a National Register of RoSPA approved professional advanced motorcycle instructors who will assess your training needs and agree a course tailored to strengthen your skills and prepare you for the test. The list of instructors is available here.

The Test

The RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders test is regarded as the most comprehensive and challenging available to the public. Our examiners are Police Advanced Certificate holders and many are or have been Instructors. They will grade your ride and complete a written report on your performance. A 'RoSPA Gold' is the highest civilian riding standard available and the holder will be a master of his or her art. Bronze and Silver passes are also commendable achievements. You will be able to obtain information about the skills and test standards from the local group, but basically, the examiner will assess your overall riding performance, how you respond to what is happening around you and the smoothness with which you use the controls.

Riding Clinic

Our Training Officer can help with various aspects of your ride and slow machine handling 'offline' on most clubnights. Talk to Paul Collins at a clubnight if you have any queries and he will help out with demonstrations and individual tuition as necessary.


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